Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December St. Pete

This is a picture of Christine & I meeting up in St. Pete yesterday! Christine is an incredible pet portrait artist & teacher. We did a pet portrait exchange and she painted a beautiful oil painting of Vinny! What a great way to end 2009 meeting a wonderful new art guru :)
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  1. December 30th and I am going through the list of things I would like to do to start off the new year! First things first I need to cut out my visualization pages! This is always fun to look back on and see how many goals were reached. Last year my unfinished goal board ended up in storage, oddly enough I did accomplish a few of the goals on it? This is only represtative of the year that I had. No complaints here, it's all part of my journey. I have found so many wonderful artists who have inspired me along the way. Suziblu was the first! Love her!!! She is an amazing girl w/ an incredible zest for life. I started watching her youtube videos when I first got out my crusty old brushes :)
    Then came along Coniscabin who I came across after researching beach art. Her colors were very similar to mine and her style is very much like an illustrator. Coni was so kind in sharing her thoughts and ideas w/ me. I don't even remember how we started chatting but she was very receptive to my questions and always was willing to help in anyway she could. A few others that I contacted with like interests in glass painting, chair painting, fabric painting, pottery, collage, pet portrait artists, etc....this is confirmation to me that I am exactly where I need to be in my life. I am so passionate about art and these kindred spririts are as well!